Tech Tips

1. Backup !!! Backup!!! Backup!!!

If you do nothing else to your system PLEASE BACKUP YOUR DATA on a daily or weekly basis.

Backing up you data is the best defence against having unrecoverable problems when your system fails. Note I said "when" your system fails. As computers are mechanical, (even though they have few moving parts), they are prone to breakdown, so please BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP.

2. The Windows operating system comes with 2 valuable tools, SCANDISK and DISK DEFRAGMENTER (Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools).

These tools should be used on a regular basis. I.e. Monthly, bimonthly or at least yearly. If you are using your local "C-Drive" to store you data and are adding and deleting files on a regular basis, Disk defragmenter can help speed up your system by placing you files in a logical order on your Hard Disk. It can also free up disk space if your disk is getting short on storage space. (Double click My Computer icon, Right click C-Drive, Choose properties).

3. Check you Hard Disk Drive properties on a regular basis to maintain an adequate amount of Free Space.

A rule of thumb is always have 10% free. WE RECOMMEND 20% FREE if you can afford the space. (An additional Hard Disk Drive can always be added to most of today's systems)

More tech tips to follow.

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