Excel Computer Solutions provides service and technical support for hardware and software operating systems.


We can repair, replace or upgrade your hardware components. New larger hard disk drives, floppy drives CD-ROM or video upgrades. Need more RAM memory, Excel can supply you with the amount of memory you need for today?s applications.

Systems should be cleaned and maintained on a yearly basis. Internal dust and dirt builds up and can cause severe problems to a system. Without warning your system can start operating in an irregular manner. Keeping your system clean can help avoid problems that can are caused by static build up. We offer complete internal and external cleaning of your system. Call us for a free estimate


We support and maintain most of the popular operating systems used today.

Windows NT, Windows 95/98, Novell, SCO Unix and DOS are among the systems that we support. From upgrades to complete installations, we support and maintain the products we sell.

At Excel we recommend installing all software up-dates that the manufacturers bring out. Some of the upgrades and Service Packs are available on the Internet. If you are using the latest version of software, support issues easier to solve. Always send in the registration card that comes with your software, this guarantees you access to technical support and future product upgrades from the manufacturer.

Remember to keep your software legal by purchasing enough copies or licenses for your application software. Please call us for up to date pricing on the license options for your company.

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