Excel Computer Solutions supplies and supports the full line of Compaq Servers and Notebook Systems. From the Prosignia 200 up to the top end Porliant rack mount systems, we can supply the solution your Company's needs to effectively manage today's critical Information System.
Compaq Servers offer quality, reliability and upgrade capability to protect your investment for the future.

3Com is today's leader in business connectivity. With a complete line of Network adapters, Hubs, and Internet connectivity, we can provide a solution to your needs and budget with the flexible line of 3Com products and services.

Are you a small business concerned about Internet connectivity and Email? 3Com has the perfect solution for you. The 56k LAN Modem. It integrates a 4-port hub with a 56k modem to allow up to 25 users simultaneous access to the Internet, all on one Analog business telephone line. Combined with email accounts from your Internet Service Provider, your office can be easily connected to the world.

From Analog to ISDN and above, we can provide the 3Com solution to all of your Local Area or Wide Area Network needs.

Hewlett Packard is the industry standard in Laser Printers and printing products. They offer the complete line of printers form single user, to workgroup to enterprise wide printers and printing solutions. The HP printers provide superior quality and throughput. Add to this exceptional and accessible technical support, the HP printing solutions are right for your business. Low cost per page, easy installation, configuration and management mean seamless integration into your existing information system.

We supply other top quality name brand products such as Toshiba, Lexmark, NEC, Acer, Alpha and American Power Conversion. We can supply your company with top quality Clone brand systems that ensure quality and reliability. Call us today for information, demonstrations or competitive pricing.
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